Paul Jonson

Presented by The Dandenong Ranges Ukulele Festival

With 50 years experience, New Zealand/ Canadian musician Paul Jonson presents colourful ukulele playing with pizzazz!

Paul travels the globe presenting his diverse talents and skills on stage and in the classroom.  Inspired by his tremendously by good friend Ted Harrison over his last ten years in Canada and extensive experience facilitating in the corporate sector, Paul’s underlying passion has always been as an artist, musician and facilitator.

His most memorable performances and workshops in the past year have been at the New Zealand Ukulele Festival, New Zealand Ukulele Convention, Ukulele Blues & Boogie Workshops, Kerikeri Ukulele Workshops, Auckland Folk Music Festival, Melbourne Ukulele Festival, Emerald Ukulele Festival, Cairns Ukulele Festival, Mission Beach and with many more international bookings to travel to this year…

Paul Jonson Workshop  (Intermediate)
Add Colour & Texture, and Play with Pizzazz: by adding fun, easy elements from Blues, Boogie & Ragtime styles.

Break away from pushing every song into normality, and learn new techniques using the fun elements of Blues, Boogie & Ragtime. There will be opportunities to try simple licks and riffs that will colour your playing style, and add texture to the songs we love. Players will be walked through simple techniques on well laid out worksheets, that you’ll later refer to as a reminder of what you can do to enhance your playing style and put pizzazz in your performance. This is no ordinary workshop with a couple of tips and mostly sing-a-long; truly, you’ll never play your uke in the same way ever again...
Who should attend: You’ll only need to be reasonably confident with basic chords to learn alternate strumming techniques and finger-picking patterns using simple rhythms and easy chord patterns.
Advanced players will pick up on the potential riffs and licks and many of the more subtle elements, but everyone will totally enjoy these fun filled educational workshops.
All tuition materials, songs and techniques will be provided in hard copy, and access will be given to video clips and sound bites that you can refer to that will remind you of what you forgot on the day – referring to “Sing’n Uke” at www.singnuke.co.nz.  (this new web site will be active by mid 2015 for your continued reference)

Dandenong Ranges Ukulele Festival

Adult $90
Included in 3 Day DRUKE Festival