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All upcoming events & experiences at Burrinja as well as out & about in the community.

Upwey Community Group & Burrinja Presents

The Upwey Archies 2023



Grab your art equipment – pencils, paints, collage, mixed media – and celebrate the people of Upwey important to you!

Bringing together the creative voices and vision of our community, this project is a celebration of the people of Upwey. Inspired by the Archibald Prize and ‘Not The Archies’, the Upwey Archies is a community portrait project.
Cost per entry: $15, or $10 for 14yrs & under.


Head to Burrinja between August 9th – 25th (opening hours are 10am - 4pm | Wed - Sat),  pay your fee at box office and collect an art board (included in your fee). 

Tickets ~ $10 - $15

How it works once you have your canvas board/s...

1. Create a portrait of a person that is important to you on the canvas provided.

2. Complete your Artwork Description online HERE

3. Complete the information on the back of your canvas.

4. Return your Archies entry (we will not accept wet or damp artwork) to Upwey Township Hall (opposite skate park) during these dates & times

Art boards are due back to Upwey Township Hall (opposite skate park)

• 4.30 – 6.00pm Friday 6th October
• 10:30 – 12.00 noon Saturday 7th October

5. Enjoy seeing your work publicly displayed throughout Upwey between Oct 13th – Nov 11th


Attend the award presentation ceremony, 7pm Friday November 10th, at the Upwey Township Hall. 


download entry information pdf

online art work description form

Image credit: Margaret-Anne, Deep time, 2022, water colour on paper, 60 x 150cm


burrinja presents

The Land Speaks | Margaret-Anne 

19 Aug - 30 Sep | Burrinja Gallery 02

In this exhibition of watercolours and paintings Meg Gooch explores memories embedded in the land and elements of change that have effected the Gippsland lakes system since colonisation.

Using natural dyes from the local vegetation and made inks from the vegetation at the Barrier Landing area in Lakes Entrance.

This exhibition will be opened by Fleur Stone, President of the Barrier Landing Coast Care Group, Lakes Entrance.

Join us for the opening Sat 19 Aug @ 3pm ~ RSVP here


Image credit: Amanda Page, Precipice ll, 2020, photopolymer etching on Fabriano 280gsm from charcoal drawings, 70 x 100 cm


burrinja presents

Transition | Amanda Page

19 Aug - 30 Sep | Burrinja Gallery 01 & 03

Transition depicts states of change in atmospheric activity. Through site-specific observations of icy vistas in Antarctica and Iceland Amanda Page developed artworks which reference that change.

Camera-less exposure processes combined with digital photography, drawing and printmaking are used to explore natural systems such as weather patterns and phenomena such as erosion to record and reveal processes of melting and the movement of energy in materials.

Join us for the opening Sat 19 Aug @ 3pm ~ RSVP here

Opening remarks by Associate Professor Shane Hulbert, School of Art - Design and Social Context, at RMIT.

burrinja presents

Where Artists Meet (W.A.M.)

Thu 31 Aug @ 7.00pm | Fat Goat

WAM is Back!

Here’s your chance to get out, have some fun and talk shop with other local artists and have a cheeky drink.

These regular gatherings propose space for connecting and developing conversation between local creatives. WAM provides a fun and friendly environment to talk shop with other artists, share tips, discuss creative practice, projects and local arts and culture. With the Dandenong Ranges rich and abundant cultural landscape Burrinja’s WAM events are a great opportunity to develop new creative networks, find out about potential opportunities and connect with your local arts community.

Join us on the last Thursday of every month @ 7pm at the Fat Goat (2 Morris Road, Upwey)

Put W.A.M. In your calendar!
Up coming dates: 29 June, 27 July, 31 Aug, 28 Sept, 26 Oct & 30 Nov


Image credit: YJ Fauzee, IMPASSE, © the artist

aerie creative ecology presents


9 Sep – 21 Oct | aerie gallery

As never before in our history the connection between humanity and the Earth has reached an impasse - we rest upon a precipice. To overt environmental disaster humanity must listen to the Earth and acknowledge our spiritual connection and interdependency. This exhibition explores the essence of this shift - a ‘transcendence', an awakening, to enable healing of ourselves, our planet and safeguard all living things.

Join us for the exhibition opening in the aerie gallery. Sat 9 September @ 2pm ~ RSVP HERE




Burrinja & Vic Health presents

Mini Happiness Hacks Workshop

Sat 9 Sep @ 2pm | Art Studio @ Burrinja

Want to learn what science can tell us about ways to boost our mood, mental well-being and resilience? Come and join, Unicorns creator and trained Secondary Teacher Delsi to learn a series of science-backed happiness hacks to improve mood, social connection, health, and overall happiness!

Workshop: 2 pm – 3.30 pm
Facilitator: Adele Moleta (Delsi)
Light afternoon tea /snacks served.

Let us know you are coming by registering now HERE 

Get in touch with any questions or to let us know what your access needs are at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hosted by the Queer Art Collective (QAC) at Burrinja and respectfully acknowledging the diverse lived experiences of LGBTQI+ and BIPOC communities, this event is specifically designed as an inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ identifying people and their allies, friends and families who may or may not also be Queer. QAC is committed to creating art and social gathering events created for and with queer-identifying people. This is an event for all ages, but young people should be accompanied by an adult. And it’s FREE.

Learn more



Live in the Lyre

Ryley Duncan presents The Music of Bon Iver, ft. Amelia Evans ~ Live in the Lyre

Sat 9 Sept @ 8.00pm | Lyre Room
Cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. 

Ticket holders will be contacted separately and receive a full refund.

Joined by his friends and collaborators, Ryley Duncan’s performance explores the music of Bon Iver. Each arrangement pays homage to the raw honesty of Bon Iver’s song writing, while exploring the vast wilderness of improvisational possibilities.

Weaving elements of jazz and neo-classical, listeners will hear the personality of each musician, whilst still allowing space for open improvisations within the pieces.

A heartfelt, honest and enduring performance celebrating the perpetual profundity and artistic individuality of Bon Iver and their vast musical catalogue.

Ryley Duncan is an award-winning composer and a graduate of The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music. His contemporary compositional approach is heavily inspired by composers such as Ambrose Akinmusire and Kenny Wheeler, utilising the knowledge passed through their music.

Support Act ~ Mel Taylor

Mel Taylor forged her sound in Victoria’s High Country, possessing a compelling voice and lyrical knack for storytelling that is authentically Australian. Shortlisted in the ‘2021 Australian Folk Music Awards’, the alt-folk songwriter performs alongside Bec Goring on electric guitar (Merpire), Isaac Gunnoo on bass (The Maes), and Maddison Carter on drums (Stav).

Taylor’s latest single, ‘Remember Who You Are’, showcases her heartbreakingly rich vocals and ‘beyond her years’ songwriting prowess, laden with dark country undertones. Mel Taylor is one lady you want to keep your eye on, with her debut album currently in the works proudly supported by APRA.

Tickets - $30 - $35





Alyson May with her portrait of “Mr. O’Sullivan” - WINNER of the 2017 Upwey Archies Portrait Prize Open Category.

Alyson May with her portrait of “Mr. O’Sullivan” - WINNER of the 2017 Upwey Archies Portrait Prize Open Category.
“Technically brilliant; a cheeky look; telling a story”- 2017 Upwey Archies Judge Amy Middleton

Upwey Community Group & Your Library Presents

The Upwey Archies 2023 ~ FREE Workshops & Talks 

🎨 Portrait Workshop – Youth


Join former Upwey Archies winner and professional artist Alyson May for a free portrait workshop – especially designed for entries to the ‘Youth’ category. These workshops will help your young artists get their Upwey Archies entry started or finished! Bring your Archies canvas board (or purchase one at the workshop), and be guided by Alyson on the fundamentals of creating a stunning portrait.

Materials (no oils) supplied.

Recommended for ages 0 - 14

Tickets ~ FREE • BOOK HERE


🎨 Portrait Workshop for Adults


Join former Upwey Archies winner and professional artist Alyson May for a free portrait workshop. These workshops are aimed at both emerging and established artists, and are a great way to get your Upwey Archies entry started or finished!

Bring your Archies canvas board (or purchase one at the workshop), and be guided by Alyson on the fundamentals of creating a stunning portrait.

Materials (no oils) supplied.

Recommended for ages 15 and over

Tickets ~ FREE • BOOK HERE


🔊 Art talks by children


A panel discussion on art, life, playgrounds, school life, and everything else! Come and join the winners of the 2022 Upwey Archies – YOUTH category, as they discuss their art, their lives, and their portraits from their own perspective. A panel discussion of art by our youngest artists, this will be a very entertaining event.

Recommended for all ages

Tickets ~ FREE • BOOK HERE


Lloyd Spiegel Presents

Lloyd Spiegel Trio ~ Bakehouse Dozen Tour

Fri 6 Oct @ 8.00pm | Burrinja Theare

Melbourne Blues artist Lloyd Spiegel has been touring the globe for 30 of his 40 years.

The 14 time Australian Blues Award winner has one of the most interesting stories in music, having grown up on stage learning from, and touring with the founding fathers of modern Blues.

The current show features the incredibly talented Lisa Baird on Trombone and long-time collaborator Tim Burnham on drums. Combined with Spiegel’s guitar wizardry, powerful vocal performance and knack for storytelling, this trio with a twist delivers a truly unique entertainment experience that reinvents the blues and dispels the cliches associated with it. This tour celebrates the release of ‘Bakehouse Dozen’. Recorded live in session with no overdubs at Melbourne’s iconic Bakehouse studios, the album offers reimagined versions of songs from Spiegel’s last 3 multi - award winning recordings and showcases the raw energy and depth of the trio, signalling what’s to come.

Spiegel is ALL presence, authority, rhythm and drive. He epitomises control, soul and passion with white hot ferocity and blazing instrumental mastery dangerous enough to spark a destructive inferno.”The Age


Tickets - $38*

*This show is NOT elligible to use "the one free ticket" benefit included in the Friends of Burrinja Membership.

Image credit: Cathy Sofarnos, Painting on the Wall #3, acrylic on canvas,102cm (W) x 102cm (H)


burrinja presents

OUTSIDE THE LINE | Cathy Sofarnos

7 Oct - 19 Nov | Burrinja Gallery

‘Outside the Line’ is an introspective body of work that embarks on an ontological journey, delving into the essence of abstract concepts and their profound connections to childhood memories and experiences. Through vibrant and evocative abstract expressions, this collection invites viewers to explore the blurred boundaries between reality and imagination.

Drawing inspiration from my own recollections of a carefree childhood, the paintings encapsulate the essence of innocent wonder, nostalgia, and joy. Each stroke of colour and texture becomes a visual ode to the emotions and impressions imprinted upon the canvas of memory. As I navigate the abstract realm, I endeavour to unravel the nature of being and existence through the lens of introspection.

These paintings become portals to ponder the very fabric of reality and our place within it. ‘Outside the Line’ serves as a reminder that our childhood memories, with their unbridled creativity and imagination, continue to shape our understanding of the world and leave lasting imprints on our life journey.

Artist Statement

Cathryn Sofarnos is a multi-disciplinary abstract artist based in Mt Evelyn, Australia. Born in Hobart, Tasmania she enjoyed a free range childhood roaming the untamed wilderness of her Tasmanian backyard. Endless hours were spent exploring empty windswept beaches, investigating rock pools and leaving marks in the sand, and the deep impressions of the child's mind, has provided a solid foundation for Cathryn's work today.

Along with a deep interest in dimensional ontology and the metaphysical layers of our perception, Cathryn’s work delves into the interplay between abstract form and the dimensional nature of colour , line and pattern. By embracing the fluidity and ambiguity of abstraction, she invites the viewer to contemplate the interconnectedness of multiple dimension and its potential influence on our perception of existence . Her dynamic expression of line and colour, sets the intention to captivate a glimpse into the multi-dimensional nature of our world, creating a vivid and evocative experience on a large scale.

Join us for the opening Sun 8 Oct @ 2pm ~ RSVP here



Image credit: Prue Crome, Colour Field #2 oil on canvas, 180x180cm


burrinja presents


7 Oct - 19 Nov | Burrinja Gallery

Line on canvas and the edge of a canvas direct and contain the focus of the viewer, ‘Colour fields / negation of line’ investigates the conceptual notion of canvas as object and surface where vision and thoughts are engaged in the intention and meaning held on the canvas. Colour fields continues the investigation with line and marks minimised, omitting a focal point, subtle layering of pigments hopes to capture the illusive nature of light and depth perception on a thin surface. The intention is to create an immersive quality, felt with all the senses.

Philosophically, my thoughts reside around metaphysical concerns of transience and the intangible nature of perception. The inspiration for these colour field paintings comes from the atmospherics of light that brings a sense of boundlessness and an ability expand and contract space.

Prue Crome lives and works in Kallista, in the Dandenong Ranges.

About the Artist

Childhood on the Sydney northern beaches, powerful embracing ocean with vast skies, mountain top rainforest property in North Qld, distant views and weather events and now in the Dandenong Ranges, spacious skies and distant views. An outdoors person connected to the constant ebb and flow of my environment. 

My background is in the environmental sciences, industrial design, graphics and sculpture. Whilst studying for my MFA I became enthralled with space and light and investigating the conditions that alter one’s perception, with a focus on immersive installations. Solo and group exhibitions in Cairns, Brisbane, Singapore, Hamburg, Melbourne and residencies in Yokohama and Melbourne.

Join us for the opening Sun 8 Oct @ 2pm ~ RSVP here



Image credit: Eleanor Louise Butt, The folded winds, 2022, oil on cotton, 160 x 200 cm


burrinja presents

All That Which Sings | Eleanor Louise Butt

7 Oct - 19 Nov | Burrinja Gallery

‘As the image pulls me deep inside of it, a special kind of silence descends, trapping me in its dark spaces and channels of light; releasing its secrets as it carries me across surfaces and down through layers. And then that eternal struggle, as I try to pull back from its hold (its trance-inducing revelry, its devilry).’ Dr Jan Bryant, 2022

About the Artist

Eleanor Louise Butt is a Kallista-based contemporary artist whose practice is grounded in studio experimentation. Taking painting as her primary medium, she employs colour, texture, line, and form as strategies for charging surfaces with gestural energy. Expanding these techniques into bronze sculpture and drawing, Eleanor’s work adopts the potentialities of paint to create visual dialogues across a range of media, where action, experience, perception, memory, and art historical references are interwoven and folded back into one another.

Eleanor has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and the UK since 2014, and has been included in group exhibitions in Melbourne, Denmark, Geelong, and Sydney since 2009. She has an Honours degree from the Victorian College of the Arts (2013).

Eleanor was the 2019 recipient of a tenancy at Porthmeor Studios, St Ives, Cornwall, UK - the first female Australian artist in the studios’ 140-year history. She was awarded the George Hicks Award (2012) and has been a finalist in the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize (2023), Muswellbrook Art Prize (2023), Waverley Art Prize (2023), Omnia Art Prize (2023), Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize (2016) and the M Collection Art Award (2016).

Eleanor Louise Butt is represented by Nicholas Thompson Gallery.

Join us for the opening Sun 8 Oct @ 2pm ~ RSVP here




Live in the Lyre

Sarita McHarg & Band ~ Live in the Lyre 

Sat 14 Oct @ 8.00pm | Lyre Room

Australia is a vast melting pot of cultures from many different countries. Since arriving in Australia, Dr Sarita McHarg has been exploring different ways to combine the music of her own culture with that of fellow musicians here. Subsequently, their music represents the literary taste, folklore and classical tone of many cultures in a unique blend of Indian, Sufi, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Hebrew music. Their inspiration is to preserve the various cultural elements and instrumentation and, at the same time, take the music forward.


Dr Sarita McHarg (Sitar & Vocals)
Yuval Ashkar (Oud & Vocals)
Pantelis Krestas (Bouzouki)
Jonathan Dimond (Bass guitar)
Matt Stonehouse (Percussion)
Manmit Singh (Tabla)

Supported by Jenna Campbell:

Jenna Campbell is an exciting live-looping artist with attention-grabbing guitar skills and an engaging sound that builds with a depth of emotion and a sense of adventure.

Jenna's layered instrumental music will transport you to other times and places as she fuses world music elements with progressive metal & jazz-funk.


Tickets - $30 - $35





Burrinja Presents

The Royal Australian Navy Band, Melbourne

Sun 15 Oct @ 2pm | Burrinja Theatre

Experience the enchanting Royal Australian Navy Band Melbourne as they perform 'The Spirit of the Dandenongs' at Burrinja. Supported by the dynamic Dandenong Ranges Big Band, this captivating concert promises an unforgettable afternoon of live music.

About the Wind Band

The RAN Band Melbourne Wind Band is one of the premier ensembles of the unit, based at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria. The band performs regularly for audiences at a variety of venues throughout Melbourne and Victoria, under the direction of Lieutenant Andrew Stokes, RAN. The ensemble is suited to larger venues such as concert halls and theatres and features some of the finest musicians in the Australian Defence Force.

The ensemble showcases both traditional and contemporary wind band repertoire from a range of genres, including marches, traditional military band works, orchestral arrangements and contemporary works. Songs from musicals and popular tunes featuring vocalists regularly often featured to supplement the traditional instrumental format.

Throughout its history, the ensemble has performed for thousands of audiences within Australia and around the world. Today, the wind band continues to uphold Navy’s proud traditions and provide support to the Royal Australian Navy.


Tickets ~ $15


Burrinja presents

Double Feature | Damian Callinan

Thu 26 Oct @ 7.30pm | Burrinja Theatre


A romantic romp through Post WW2 Melbourne!

The surprise discovery of his mother’s 1946 diary leads three-time Barry Award nominee Damian Callinan on a cinematic, romantic romp through post-war Melbourne. However, her diary poses more questions than it does answers.

With suitors lining up for 19-year-old Kathleen Purcell, will Jack Bowlen ever get the Canadian two step right? Will Ron Rogan keep his hands to himself? But most importantly for Damian’s very existence, will she notice the dapper fly boy who has just returned from active service?

His mother’s charming journal is hilariously contrasted with his father Adrian’s retirement diary that bookends his parent’s loving relationship and sadly, reveals the tragedy that brought it to an end. The creator and star of the Netflix hit film The Merger uses his powerful gift for storytelling to recast his parents in a funny and poignant double feature of love and loss.

“Sublime, heartwarming, hilarious - an absolute triumph.” Sammy J [comedian, ABC broadcaster & presenter]

Tickets ~ $19 - $39





Cherry Rock & Leicashow Presents

The Rolling Stones 1973 Kooyong Concert 50th Anniversary Show

Feat. The Monkey Men and special guests Madder Lake

Fri 27 Oct, 2023 @ 7.30pm | Burrinja Theatre 


We did it in 2013 for the 40th and we did it in 2018 for the 45th and NOW….

2023 in Melbourne marks 50 years from when The Rolling Stones sizzled at Kooyong Tennis Centre during a matinee performance on their infamous ‘Exile On Main Street’ World Tour in 1973.

After a highly acclaimed sold out show at the Corner Hotel in April, Cherry Rock have partnered with Leicashow Presents to again celebrate the so-called ‘Temperature Rising’ Stones’ Kooyong show on its 50th anniversary with an encore run of shows later in the year

A track-for-track live tribute will be performed by specifically created local all-star act THE MONKEY MEN, featuring Tim Rogers on lead vocals, Andre Warhurst (Rare Byrds) & Davey Lane (You Am I) on guitars, Stephen Hadley (Tex Perkins) on bass, Matthew Cotter (Even) on drums, Bruce Haymes (former-Renee Geyer) on keys, Jack Howard (ex-Hunters & Collectors) & Ben Marsland on horns and Eliza & Talei Wolfgramm on backing vocals.

And in an incomparable coup, our support act will again be Madder Lake who opened for The Rolling Stones at Kooyong in 1973…

Recommended for 16+

Event not suitable to babies due to content and /or noise levels.  

Tickets - $69 ~ $79 inc BF*



Burrinja Presents

Yarra Valley Singers & Friends

Sat 21 Oct @ 2PM | Burrinja Theatre

Be uplifted and inspired when Yarra Ranges’ oldest choir, Yarra Valley Singers is joined by the Dandenongs’ newest choir, The Hills Singers and our music future in Ranges Young Strings for our ‘Family Showtime’. Hear new takes on old classics starting with Rossini’s Willam Tell Overture , Bop along to Pop from the Beach Boys to Natalie Imbruglia and relive the epic moments from your favourite Disney movies.

Children 12 and Under are FREE ~ please contact our box office to book these children's seats.

Tickets ~ $10 - 15


Live in the Lyre

Minor Gold ~ Live in the Lyre 

Thu 2 Nov @ 8.00pm | Lyre Room

Minor Gold are the new Americana/Folk duo featuring ARIA nominated, award-winning songwriters Tracy McNeil & Dan Parsons. Living in a van whilst touring as solo artists in early 2020, Parsons and McNeil hightailed it out of Melbourne Victoria up to sunny Queensland, narrowly avoiding the winter as the first lockdown occurred. Holed up in the land of palm trees and perfect weather, the duo subsequently wrote their debut album ‘Minor Gold’ – released August 11, 2023.

Weaving masterful harmonies around stripped-back, organic arrangements that draw on the breezy sounds of 70’s west-coast pop, the daydream haze of 60’s folk to the ballad-power and polaroid romance of the 80’s, Minor Gold display a spellbinding musical connection throughout this superb collection of songs.

“The pairs real superpower is their melodic vocal interplay and sixth-sense harmonies…Imagine standing at a crossroads, halfway between Laurel Canyon and a sandy palm tree cove. These are the intoxicating sounds you might hear drifting on that summer breeze.” - Chris Familton Rhythms Magazine

In under a year, Minor Gold have released three singles, each added to national high rotation on Double J. In February 2023, the duo charmed audiences at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City, and have just completed a 26+ date North American Tour with an Official Showcase at the AmericanaFest in Nashville and additional shows supporting The Teskey Brothers in major venues in the U.S. & Canada.


Tickets - $30 - $35





Live in the Lyre

Xani ~ An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music ~ Live in the Lyre

Fri 17 Nov @ 8.00pm | Lyre Room

Xani, the award-winning musical alchemist, brings her latest album 'An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music' to life, Live in the Lyre. Get ready to be transported to a limitless and timeless musical world, with Xani's string-filled genre-expanding tracks.

Join us for a night of boundless dancing, soulful music and powerful vocals. Experience the music of Xani, who has been awarded 'Best Musician' at the Music Victoria Awards and whose sound and voice have won over fans at packed theatres, small steamy jazz venues, nightclubs, and even on Twitch, where she has thousands of followers.

'An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music' is an acutely personal interpretation of the evolution of electronic dance music, and Xani, along with her musical collaborators and friends, will take you on a journey through its (inaccurate) history chapter by chapter. From the wide-eyed naive 'Michelle' to the euphoric fast tempos of 'B U Want 2 B', this album weaves through the blurring world of acid house, disco, psytrance, and more, with Xani's two self-produced tracks, 'Astrojet' and 'Road Trip'.

Don't miss this chance to experience the musical alchemy of Xani and friends, as they bring their unique sound to the stage. Let's dance together and wonder what the future of electronic dance music might sound like.

“May this collection of songs transport you, inspire you and fill your hearts with disco smiles. This is my inaccurate history of electronic dance music, dreamed up straight from my heart to yours.” - Xani


Tickets - $30 - $35





Image credit: Bluzal Field, Archiving the Future, 2023, Digital Collage


burrinja presents


An exhibition, installation and public program in celebration of Burrinja's 25th year birthday

03 Dec – Late Feb, 2023 | Burrinja, Foyer & AERIE Galleries

Looking back whilst also walking forward: this special project brings together a suite of objects and artefacts found in the depths of the Burrinja archive – from the mundane to the dazzling, the everyday to the extraordinary. What stories of people and place are hidden within the objects that we keep?

These objects are brought together for this special exhibition that reflects on 25 years of community leadership through the arts. Simultaneously, Archiving The Future will commission a new installation in our aerie gallery, a piece of speculative art that proposes a future as yet unknown to us.

Keep your eyes peeled for a calendar full of activity and activation over summer, and join us in archiving the future. If that’s even possible.




Burrinja Presents

An afternoon with Maroondah Symphony Orchestra

Sun 3 Dec @ 2PM | The Park at Burrinja

Relax on the lawn to the lush sounds of Maroondah Symphony Orchestra playing well-known classical works.

Tickets ~ $19 - 29



Lin Onus in Upwey in car filled with mannequins - circa 1990s. (c) Neil McLeod.

burrinja presents


25th anninversary celebration

Sun 3 Dec @ 12.00pm | Burrinja

25 years ago Burrinja emerged in this community. Built for, by and with community, everything we do is still strongly centred around community. Come and celebrate our silver anniversary: 25 years of being the place where community and culture meet. The party will be a chance to celebrate all that has been achieved for the region, whilst also wondering what the next 25 years might look like.

Featuring live performances, art, workshops, speeches and a special afternoon tea.

BYO your Burrinja memories!

Please note: An Afternoon Maroondah Symphony Orchestra, which occurs on the same day, is paid event.




Craft Music & One Louder present


Catching Diamonds Tour 2024

With Georgia Mooney

Tue 20 Feb, 2024 @ 7:30PM | Burrinja Theatre

Kate Miller-Heidke is an award-winning singer-songwriter who traverses the worlds of folk, pop, opera and musical theatre.  She has performed on stages as varied as the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Coachella, the New York Metropolitan Opera, the Eurovision Song Contest, the Sydney Opera House, and the Roebuck Bay Hotel, Broome. 

And now, after long months locked away writing songs, she’s hitting the road to play in dozens of beautiful theatres around Australia.

Kate will be playing her greatest hits and most beloved pop songs, as well as performing tracks from her original musicals ‘Muriel’s Wedding the Musical’ and the new ‘Bananaland’, some unexpected covers, taking requests, and telling stories from across her varied career. Excitingly, she’ll also be debuting new material from her forthcoming 6th studio album, which will dive deep into the genre of ‘gothic folk’.

This is a special opportunity to see Kate in intimate, stripped-back mode, accompanied by her long-term collaborator Keir Nuttall on guitar. 

(The bendy poles from Eurovision will be there emotionally, but not physically).

learn more

Tickets ~ $79.90


On Sale Wednesday 6th September, 2023 @ 10am