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aerie creative ecology presents

Angela Cotter & Emily Lowe | Wandering Spirits 

Apr 30 - Jun 11 | aerie gallery

A joint exhibition of two female artists working alongside each other, with a strong desire to explore love, loss, nature and growth.

To wander through the beauty of nature. To roam freely and be absent from constraints, to embrace all that is and continue growing from what once was.

Join us for the opening on Saturday 30th of April at 2pm ~ RSVP HERE


Image credit: Brenda Page, “Mourning Room”, 70 x 120 cm Glass panels, fused, mirrored and screen printed

burrinja presents

Ranges of Glass

May 21 - Jun 18 | Burrinja Gallery

Glass is transformational. Light travels through it, reflects off its surface. It can be painted, etched, cut/broken, shaped/stretched, joined and added to. It can be worked in both it’s solid and molten state. It’s true boundaries are minimal and it’s variants almost unlimited

Nine Hills glass artists display their passion for the medium, showing their favoured methods to display the broad spectrum of modern glass.

Featuring artists Kirsten Laken, Christopher John, Emma Borland, Mark Ammermann, Susi Lingeman, Andy Bevan, Mark Howard, Brenda Page & Kristin McFarlane. 

Join us for the opening on Thursday 19th of May at 6.30pm ~ RSVP HERE




Image credit: Oceans II - Across, YJ Fauzee , 2022, Pastel, chalk, and acrylic paint on canvas, 150 x 100 cm 

burrinja presents


May 21 - Jun 18 | Burrinja Gallery

The Sentinel Series is dedicated to my father Mohamed Fauzee (1934 – 2021)

who encouraged and inspired my art and who instilled within me an appreciation of Nature.


I am a visual artist who has a strong connection with and respect for the natural environment. This body of work seeks to give homage to nature and the wisdom within.

My art depicts a fusion of the living forces as they emerge within the world around us through colour, line, and space. Throughout my work there is movement and presence. The play of light and shadow offers opportunities for reflection.


During times of adversity and times of need, we seek beyond our own selves - we look to the mountains, to the horizon and beyond. We take refuge in wild places. This body of work explores Sentinels around us. Those we may sense but not see. These are watchful and ancient, they dwell within forests, mountains, and the depths of the ocean.


The Sentinel Series is composed of 9 works created with acrylic paint, chalk, and pastel on stretched canvas.

Join us for the opening on Thursday 19th of May at 6.30pm ~ RSVP HERE




Image credit: Megan Williamson (detail) 2018

burrinja presents

Megan Williamson | Tilting Away, Leaning In

May 21 - Jun 18 | Burrinja Gallery

Tilting Away, Leaning In: a personal journey from anxiety & depression to artistic expression.

Working with my grandfather’s 1960’s medium format film camera I create images intuitively through the lens, in moments of creative flow, using multiple exposures and the element of chance.

The works are a realisation of being part of nature, the importance of place and the significance of ancestry and belonging.  

Join us for the opening on Thursday 19th of May at 6.30pm ~ RSVP HERE




QAC is part of the Big Connect proudly
funded by Future Health at Vic Health



Burrinja & Vic Health presents

Queer Collage Party!

May 26 @ 6 – 7.30pm | At Burrinja or Online

Join Aaron from Pink Ember Studios here at Burrinja to make your own collage(s), or team up with others! 

Hosted by the Queer Art Collective (QAC) at Burrinja and respectfully acknowledging the diverse lived experiences of LGBTQI+ and BIPOC communities, this event is specifically designed as a fun, safe and inclusive space for Queer identifying people aged 18-25. And it’s FREE.

Let us know you are coming by registering now HERE

Get in touch with any questions or to let us know what your access needs are at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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