Past Exhibitions

Lloyd Godman: enLIGHTen

8 February - 30 March 2008

Lloyd Godman's first major Australian exhibition, featuring projection installation, 'carbon obscura', photography, new and mixed media, extends the boundaries of the gallery, creating experiential immersion.

The largest photosensitive emulsion we know of is the planet earth. As vegetation grows, dies back, changes colour with the seasons, the "photographic image" that is our planet alters. Increasingly human intervention plays a larger role in transforming the image of the globe we inhabit.
Lloyd Godman – 2006


"Lloyd Godman's twin careers of serious and successful organic gardener and practicing artist of great creative energy converge in new and constantly surprising ways to make art about the ecological concerns that underly his gardening. Over almost three decades his art has widened out from relatively traditional landscape photography to include elements of performance, audience participation art and multimedia installation to explore the tensions between electronic consumer society and the ecosystem."
Artlink magazine - Ecology: Everyone's Business - Vol 25 no 4 - Dec - Jan 2006

"It is doubtful if Australasia has a more protean, visionary and ecologically committed artist than Lloyd Godman."
B&W Magazine USA, Jan 2008