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16 May - 28 June


Burrinja Gallery

Contents Under Pressure:
Stencil Art in Australia from 2003 - 2010

The last decade saw the rise of a new art form as thousands of aerosol based stencil paintings appeared in Melbourne’s laneways. Melbourne became known as ‘stencil capital’. Before long stencil art evolved and moved from the street into the gallery.

Showcasing over 200 works from private collections by key artists including Psalm, Phibs, Haha, Meek, Meggs, Rone, Ghostpatrol, Satta among others this exhibition presents the formative period of one of Australia’s most dynamic art movements.

Curated by JD Mittmann, director of the Melbourne Stencil Festival 2004 - 2008.

During the exhibition come along to Guided Tours with Melbourne Stencil Festival director JD Mittmann, join local artists Hugo Racz, Amy Middleton and Brit Westaway creating murals and stencils in Burrinja's Studio 5 and engage with Jacqui Grace's Kids Corner activities.

Stencil Poster Competition

Burrinja invites everyone to create their own stencils posters - print out the poster template here or pick one up at the show, photocopy it, enlarge it, reduce it and repeat it however you like, put your stencil on it and post it up!
Share photos of your finished poster on Instagram with the hashtag #burrinjastencilexhibition
Send us a photo of your pasted poster to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the best poster /location will win a copy of ‘Bomb It! Street Art is Revolution’ directed by filmmaker Jon Reiss.

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8 May 2015 – 7 June


Jarmbi Gallery Downstairs

Connected Voices: More than Green

Connected Voices is a group of four artists, each working with textiles as their primary medium.  As Diploma of Textile Art graduates, they continue to explore their contemporary art practice within a wide range of techniques:  botanical dyeing, freestyle hand weaving, collage, digital and hand printing, machine and hand stitching.  

While the inspiration from and response to the natural environment informs much of their work, the concept of More than Green extends beyond the visual.  These artists are also exploring eco-dyes, zero waste production, sustainable practice and recycling; processes which remain mostly hidden but are an intrinsic part of the artworks.

They produce original, meaningful pieces in a tactile and familiar medium; yet one which can be re-interpreted in a contemporary and expressive way.

Official opening Friday 8 May 7pm
Floor talk with Jill Migliette Sunday 17 May, 12pm & 1pm
Demonstrationswith Heather Walters & Diane Mattiske 11am -3pm



More than Green


8 May - 7 June


Jarmbi Gallery

Orly Faya : The Gaia Collection

Orly Faya is an Australian born, International artist and traveller of twelve years who has delved deeply into the realm of mimetism within body painting and photography over the last 18 months.

Painting human bodies into the various landscapes around the globe, Orly's message is clear: We came from the earth, are of the earth, and will return to the earth. It is time to remember who we are and recognise the importance of honouring our harmonious existence.

Orly's debut exhibition is a celebration of creation itself, sharing the stories of the artworks, organic collaborations with Mother Earth in all her spontaneous glory and the people who stand to merge, their strength and determination within intensity beyond explanation. You are invited to share this special debut occasion and take the opportunity to connect with Orly's unique pieces, presented to a live audience for the first time ever. 

Exhibition opening Saturday 9 May at 2pm

Creation's Calling -Collaborating for Sustainability
Friday 22 May at 7pm

An evening of celebrating humanity's connection to the earth through creative expression.

Kevisato Duncan Sanyü Meyasetsu from The Wilderness Society sharing the amazing work they do and why they do it...

Liana Perillo on the Harp, Bloodwood - Elle Plume Reika Sroyphet & Cassie, + more Local Acts from the Dandenong!

LIVE BODY PAINTING - Orly Faya Snir and Serra Stone

Marija Heart ♥, Shoshana Sadia, Justine Walsh, Orly Faya, AND MORE...!

Chick here for more info on The Gaia project


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