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Bullen Bullen Cultural Tours

Wurundjeri walking tours

Explore the Dandenongs and learn about Aboriginal history

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Address Grants Picnic Ground 70 Monbulk Road Kallista, Victoria, 3791, Australia.
Phone 03 9416 2905*
*available from 9 – 5 pm, Monday – Sunday
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The Wurundjeri people (Woi-wurrung language group), are the Traditional Custodians of Melbourne and surrounding lands. They have cared for Country since Bunjil, the great Eagle and Balliyang the bat, created their land and people. They proudly continue to care for Country, practice culture, and welcome people visiting their lands.

Experience Tanderrum

Participate in the ancient tradition of Tanderrum – a ceremony to welcome guests to Country. By walking through sacred smoke and accepting Wurundjeri people’s hospitality, you agree to care for Country, respect the land, the lore, and people, the children of Bunjil, during your stay.

Connect with Story

Glimpse the traditional lifestyle of Wurundjeri peoples Ancestors. Learn about the rhythms, rituals and relationships between people and place. Come to know Wurundjeri cultural values and the great leaders who continue to guide them such as Wonga and Barak.

Connect with Country

Heighten your senses and open your heart to Country. Go and see, smell, taste, touch and hear the music of Country. Learn about Wurundjeri traditional foods, fibres and their special use plants and animals.

The Bullen Bullen Cultural Tours are operated by the Wurundjeri Tribe Land & Compensation Cultural Heritage Council Inc. The organisation is proud to provide traineeships and employment opportunities on Country. By supporting the tours, you’re helping to maintain cultural practice and strengthen Wurundjeri mob.

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Box Office: 9754 8723
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