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Burrinja thanks the following volunteers for 6 or more years of service building community through arts at Burrinja.

Volunteers with 6+ years of service
Susan Amico        Board – Treasurer    1998 - 2016

Sid Lawrence        Board – Secretary    1999 - 2013

Jenny Saulwick        Board – President    1998 - 2009

Rachel Burke        Board – President    2005 - 2015

Samantha Dunn        Board – Lyster Ward Councillor     2005 - 2015

Kieran Dennis        Board - President    2006 - 2015

Carolyn Ebdon        Board    1999 - 2007

Elizabeth Conolly        Board    2005 - 2013

Stax        Board – Secretary    2006 - 2013

Marina Scott (nee Dennis)        BCAP – Lantern Parade    2006 - 2016

Peter Chandler        Reception    1999 - 2009

Sharyn Schnidala        Reception    1999 - 2009

Iain McLean        Arties Driver    2005 - 2015

Daryl Carter        Reception    2002 - 2012

Carolyn Macdonald        Arties    2006 - 2014

Shirley Day        Reception    2001 - 2008

Neen Gaywood        Reception    2003 - 2009

Yvonne Wallace        Arties Driver    2007 - 2013

Jan Lamb        Reception    2008 - 2017

Mary Fitz-gerald        Board    2008 - 2017

David Jewell        IT    1998 - Ongoing

Burrinja thanks the following individuals, organisations and businesses for supporting the Theatre project and Burrinja Public Fund.


Mater Christi College

Bendigo Bank

The Fullagar Family


Sue Amico

The Jewell Family

Vincent J Feeney

Jess Exiner

Peter Harris

James Merlino MP

The Fullagar Family

The Miles Family

US Bus Lines

Jasmine Brunner


Ross, Mali, Luca & Miles Farnell

Didgeman Didgeridoos

Rachel Burke & David Campbell

Kieran Dennis

Monbulk College

Beverley Bromham

Claire Henry


Helen Celerier

Raymond & Greta Jungwirth

Chee IP


Paul Beale, Electrolight

John and Carol Brandt

Elizabeth Bromham

Beverley Cornish

Jackie Cusack

Mildred Davey

R N S J Deane

Norma Durrand

Olive Ebdon

The Ford Family

The Fry Family

The Griffiths Family

Bernie Herlihy

Paddi Herlihy

Wayne F. Hall

Lynne Jessup

Chris Lovelock

Robyn Mitchell

Maz Mollica

Jean Pettitt-Brown

Justice GT Pagone

Caitilin Punshon

Jenny Saulwick

J G Saulwick

Janet Wilson

Andreas Schokman

Julian Schokman

Marian C. Hill

Amelia, Bridie & Bernie Lobert

The Day Family


Beverley Cornish

JD Mittmann

Daniela Tymms

The Posetti Family

Anna 'Luth' Wolff - Solid State Circus



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Burrinja acknowledges the Traditional Owners, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, on whose land we meet, share and work. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and extend our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from all nations of this land. 

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